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Meet Autumn

Certified HypnoBirthing Educator & Birth Doula

My career in maternity & birth started with my love and expertise in maternity & newborn photography. My journey to birth work, however, began with my third baby. I studied HypnoBirthing to prepare for my homebirth, and my experience was so amazing and lifechanging that I became a certified HypnoBirthing Educator and Birth Doula.


Maternity, labor and birth are such deep rooted passions for me. More then anything, I believe in God's perfect design to birth our babies. I believe that birth is not a medical event for healthy mothers/babies. I believe EVERY birthing women deserves to feel empowered by her choices and her body during her birth. I believe in autonomy, in instinctive births and that the most important and powerful tool a women can have in her birth is SUPPORT & KNOWLEDGE. 

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Services I offer






Support & Child Birth Preparation



Post Partum Care


Breastfeeding & Lactation Support 


Homebirth or hospital, natural or medicated, c-section or VBAC.... ALL births need a Doula, and ALL births can benefit from HypnoBirthing.

"If you are an anxious mess like I was, I definitely recommend Autumn as a doula! She was kind, calm, and supportive during my birth and made an excellent addition to my birth team"

- Jessica W.

"I highly recommend HypnoBirthing class! It helped me so much and Autumn is amazing at teaching it"

- Cora G.

"I swear HypnoBirthing saved my life during labor with my first child! I don’t know how anyone makes it through without those skills"

- Jessica R.

"Autumn is fantastic!!! Soo incredibly supportive!!  I highly recommend her as a doula, especially with her HypnoBirthing knowledge"

- Justine M.

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